Husband to Cuckold... and Worse & Beloved Husband to Servile Cuckold - Two Novels in One Volume

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Joyce and the Victorians

This item has not been rated yet. A couple of sexy and depraved reads from Clarice Darling as two of her most read novels are placed together in one volume. With "Beloved Husband to Servile Cuckold", a proud man is brought lower than he would ever have believed possible by a young wife who realises that, though she wants him as a husband still, she also wants more from sex than he can ever give her - at least in the normal way.

And, if the husband of Ms Darling's first tale is humiliated and subdued in a way no man or husband should ever be, it's safe to say the hero sic of "Husband to Cuckold How can I use this format? Lulu Sales Rank: Log in to rate this item. You must be logged in to post a review.

Please log in. There are no reviews for the current version of this product Refreshing There are no reviews for previous versions of this product. First Name. Last Name. Three months after we moved in together, I decided I wanted to see Harriet fool around with another man. I knew she'd never go for it. She wasn't the type. She was a traditional kind of woman, wasn't overly concerned with her career, and had no grand plans for the future.

She'd left school with decent grades but no desire to go into further education. At eighteen, she'd taken a The stitches were removed from my manhood during my next consultation with Mr. Rogers, and he declared that he was quite happy with how my recovery was proceeding. There was still an angry red scar where the incision had been, but he told me that in time this would hopefully fade almost completely. Always the harbinger of glad tidings, he instructed to keep taking the medication that kept The first Sunday after my introduction to cuckolding, we took a break.

Our children and their families were over, and we spent the day as we had the Sunday prior. It was a full day of fun for everyone, lots of food, games, and a little alcohol. Prior to their arrival, I made sure all of our new life had been put away.


After they had all left, we cleaned things up a bit, and Nancy brought Naturally, this new little twist gave me plenty to think about, and on more than one occasion I would begin daydreaming about what Mandy could get up to at the nightclub. Mandy naturally understood this, and she found fresh ways to tease me. Hired for my military experience, I worked in Afghanistan on a variety of military contracts. The money was good, and I was hooked on the thrill of being in the action. While the money was piling up in our bank accounts, the long separations November began warming up — literally and figuratively.

The Saturday of my bi-weekly release duly arrived.

Beloved Husband to Servile Cuckold & Husband to Cuckold... and Worse - Two Novels in One Volume

Saturday night slowly drifted by, and Mandy finally unlocked the cage and suggested that I go shower. Fifteen minutes later, I was once more eagerly lying on our bed in a dark room, feeling To write anything about the next twenty-odd years in our lives would send everyone to sleep. Gary did as he was told, and never again mentioned his feelings, or my previous affairs.

We had moved house, changed jobs, and our kids had left the nest. Sex between Gary and I had become a sort of birthdays-and-Christmas thing. I had lost interest in myself and had put on so much weight that I was A week later I was once again confronted with the round countenance of Mr. Rogers as I sat in the consulting room.

(Parade's End, Part 1)

My previously swollen and bruised member had essentially returned to its pre-accident state - if one was able to ignore the seam of sutures on the underside - and Mr. Rogers told me that he was satisfied with progress. He asked me if there had been any problems - any unusual Gary seemed really turned on with my descriptions of my last night in Majorca.

We talked all the time on our way home about nothing else, and although I was dead beat, I knew I would have to find some energy from somewhere once we got home. He noticed my buttocks were still looking angry, and the thought of me being spanked turned him on even more. That is despite the fact that he had The night for my August measurement duly arrived.

Mandy unlocked the cage and I showered. Ten minutes later — and with my heart thumping - I once again ventured into our bedroom. Mandy was quick to get me hard, and I felt the cool ruler resting on my cock as my wife measured. She uttered a low chuckle — which could only mean one thing. Angela drove as we made our way onto the Monash freeway. At this time of day, the traffic was relatively light. It was early spring, and the sun beamed with the promise of a hot summer. The first thing I told Angela was that I was going to be fine.

The relief was clearly visible on her face.

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I then explained exactly what the specialist had said, including how long it might take for the wound Something had to give. A rampant husband and two very good looking guys all at the same time. I still managed to see Tony once a week at his place, usually on a Saturday night. But he wanted to see me more often. I was working, or at least supposed to be working, four evenings a week. But on at least two of those nights, I was being beautifully rogered by Al.

Husband wants you to sleep with another man? MUST WATCH

So at least three nights, week On a sales trip to Buffalo, a couple of handsome strangers catch my eye. This is an opportunity I can't pass up to fulfill my husband's fantasy of having me flirt and tease some strange men, then return to tell him all the details as he listens from between my thighs. So, I had broken the ice. After many years of being a faithful and loving wife, I had now had two extramarital lovers in 5 months. I had discovered that you can have great sex without love. And I didn't feel at all guilty, because it was just what my hubby wanted.

Tony had become a regular lover. I visited his flat at least once a week and always stayed the night with him. The sex with him In order to spare you, the reader, some time in digesting my little tale, I will attempt to compress the events of the next six months.

A Husband in Hell and A Cuckold Husband... and Less: Two Novels of Infidelity & Domination

The easiest way to do this is to simply write down the major events of each month in a kind of diary style and to add any other items of interest. I have always hated hospitals. Loathed them, in fact; the clinical aromas, the sterile feel, the gloomy atmosphere, the poker-faced staff. I would have given anything to be miles away from the damned place. As of this moment, however, I had little choice in the matter.