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Raja Ratnam. The young man feels that fate has done him a deep wrong, and he defies fate. He challenges fate to hit him again.

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Podcast Another "D" Word. Podcast featured a guest who talked about depression. Our guest for podcast , Cathy Whitmore, discusses drug addiction and the events in her life that led to long-term incarceration. Her story has a happy ending, so be sure to listen all the way to the end. Podcast Discovering the Joy of Reading.

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Our guest on podcast is Dr. Mary McGuire, a longtime friend and teacher. Mary has taught in Wyoming and Idaho as a classroom teacher and also as a reading specialist. Her passion for helping children learn to read comes from her own childhood struggles. In addition to sharing her story, Mary provides suggestions for parents who want to develop a love for reading in their children.

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We're excited to share the interview we had with her because we know you'll enjoy her story and the story of how Chrysalis Women's Transitional Living came to be in Boise, Idaho. Once the life of the party, she struggled to find meaning in life and a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Lori candidly shares her story with us on podcast , including how her anxiety, panic attacks and depression affected her family.

Her desire is that others will be encouraged by her journey. On this podcast, Leslie Montgomery, author and ghostwriter of over a dozen books, talks about her writing career. Bush administration. Leslie Montgomery: website. Amazon author page. Currently, he's writing and publishing books. In addition to two Amish series, he's written a children's mystery and co-authored a novel set during World War II. Patrick E.

Craig: website. Connect on Facebook. Connect on LinkedIn. Podcast The Ghost of Gold Creek. Lisa Michelle Hess: website. Amazon author page: website. You'll enjoy this fascinating story of a self-made man who discovered life was more than a big house, successful businesses and a huge bank account. Kent Johnson is retired yet busier than ever, heavily involved in what we call "purpose-driven travel" on the podcast. Friends of Children Everywhere: website. Rarity Rugs: website.

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Our guest, Leslie Montgomery, is the author and ghostwriter of over a dozen books, including The Faith of Condoleezza Rice. But in this episode, we focus on her personal story and her journey out of a traumatic childhood and troubled adolescence to becoming a wife, mother of four, grandmother of six, teacher, writer and conference speaker. Leslie Montgomery website. Five years into their marriage, Marguerite and Steve Martell's marriage was on a downward spiral.

Testing in a counselor's office confirmed their suspicion that their differences were almost too drastic to overcome. In podcast , the two of them tell listeners what they did to save their marriage and what they do to maintain their relationship, which continues to thrive fifteen years later. Need inspiration? You'll enjoy Podcast with David Rush, who is one of the most prolific Guinness World Record holders on the planet.

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  • The Deadly Brotherhood: The American Combat Soldier in World War II.
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He holds world records for the most bowling balls juggled, the most consecutive axe juggling catches, and for balancing a bicycle on his chin longer than anyone else who's competed for the record. David Rush: web page.

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  3. Spanish Leadership: Liderazgo es tratar con la gente de principio a fin.100 millones de usuarios lo demuestran en LinkedIn (Spanish Edition);
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  6. Whether or not you're an amateur wrestling fan, you'll enjoy Dr. David Bennett's stories. He has not only coached all levels of the sport, from grassroots to international, he has served on the US Olympic Committee and currently scouts for World and Olympic competitions. In our interview with him, he tells the crazy story of how he became a "wrastler" in high school plus other fun stories he's accumulated over the years. He also shares words of wisdom garnered from a lifetime of involvement with wrestling worldwide.

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    In their beautifully written book titled "Which Way? In podcast , these sweet, delightful women talk about overcoming rejection, abandonment, grief, shame and much more. Sit back and be prepared to learn, heal and grow through their wise words. Steve Bower, a charter pilot and a flight trainer, shares a fun short story with us on Podcast Titled "Los Mochis, Mexico: Out of My Comfort Zone," the piece describes his first experience piloting an international charter flight.

    At the end of the podcast, he talks about an encounter with a dubious passenger, a story you're sure to enjoy.

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    Podcast Seven Deadly Friendships. We are delighted to have Mary DeMuth as our guest on podcast Mary DeMuth website. Rebecca Bryan Howel website. After taking the summer off, we're hitting the airwaves again with a slightly tweaked emphasis. This year, we'll continue to interview authors, like we've done in the past, and talk about their writing and stories. We also want to talk with individuals who have stories to tell but who may not have put pen to paper to document their experiences.

    We know so many people with interesting backgrounds and adventure stories that we'd like to share with our listeners. To begin our interview focus, the two of us interview each other, which felt a bit strange, but we had fun.

    We hope you enjoy our crazy childhood stories. Podcast Salesman and Sarsaparilla. Steve reads part 2 of Elder Brown's story in podcast , Becky reads from Winds of Wyoming, and Steve concludes with a Roger Pond essay about phone salesmen. Roger Pond: amazon page. Podcast Elder Brown's Backslide not backside!