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Perma B. Pilgrimage Toward Recovery. Darren LaBrecque. Ignorance and Knowledge Foe and Friend. Ivory Binion. Take the Pain Away. Sherrona Collins. Pour out Your Heart. Deborah Byrd.

How to seize the day: motivational quotes, tips and advice

Sole Reliance. The Spirit Speaks. Cheryl Y. June A. Possess the Promise. April C. The Blueprint.

Criminal Rights

Claude Bevier. Remedies for Positive Living.

Abdul Sesay. Prayers and Promises for Fathers. John Hudson Tiner. You Can Be Great! Faith Nthiga. Ben Okoye. Fire in the Tire. Neelam Godia. Heather Hope Johnson. Help from the Hills. Ronald E. Brown Bread for the Soul. Cheryl David. What is a Man? Joaquin G. Her Name is Victory. Sheri-Anne Danner. Straight Ahead. Inspirational Crossings ''Walking by Faith''. Rose M.

Mixed Emotions from a Biblical Stance. Tiera Royster-Ennels. The Building Blocks Of Pain. Dedric Hubbard. Ify Obiekwe. The Right Mind. Willie M. Stephens VeLeJouSte. Jennifer Gilbert. Irwin Brown. Venatius Agbasiere. Flowing From My Heart. The Confessions of A Frustrated Preacher.

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    Inspiring Quotes to Use When You Want to Say, 'Carpe Diem!'

    A Well Experience. Terrence A. Recharge Your Faith.

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    What Kind of Woman Am I? Shalanda L. Linda Harris. The Wounded Heart. What Has Separated Your Heart? Find It Again. Tears on the Soul. The Life That Wins.

    This Is the Victory. The Law of Faith. The Road to Healing. Step by Step. How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long. Obtain was suggested in the OP, but it is a better choice:. Although this is not in the literal sense claiming something which you have never had, in many cases it effectively means so:. Gain :. Achieve :. As in the Declaration of Independence which asserted rightful possession of things previously asserted to be withheld. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 4 years, 7 months ago. Active 4 years, 7 months ago.

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