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1. Pick A Niche

In this powerful book, you will discover the cause of what has held you back for too long You hold in your hands your personal guide to discover how to create a life you cherish It's Your Time Ultimate You Quest Edition is the culmination of 16 years of coaching people from all walks of life to heal what hurts and embrace true fulfilment. The ultimate reference guide to unpack powerful models, insights, and actionable steps to stop living life on the surface and start living life deep. After decades of success as an award-winning entrepreneur, leader, coach and mentor, Sharon Pearson reveals her unique and practical model for creating and leading the winning team.

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Intricately woven with real-world examples from multi-million dollar businesses of her own and her clients, Disruptive Leadership unveils the gap between a team that "gets by" and a team that truly thrives Tell me if you relate to this You love the idea of helping others create change for themselves but don't know where to start. And you're wondering if coaching can be your pathway Written by the world-leading coach, Sharon Pearson, this book will unlock some key answers for how you can get started on becoming a coach, what's involved in building a successful practice, and whether it's right for you If you've ever wished life were easier, or wondered why some people just seem to attract success without really trying , this is the book for you!

Written in a hands-on, do-as-you-go style, Your Success looks at the 10 core elements of your life, helping you discover what's working, what isn't, and what you can do to attract success into all aspects of your life It focuses on the art and craft of creating high-level clients who are a perfect match for your individual coaching skills and style.

If God Were Your Life Coach

The best part? Rich and Steve show you how to do all of this minus the overwhelm and burnout new coaches experience.

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Judith E. Her methods are based on solid scientific frameworks — mainly neuroscience and anthropology. It contains high-level tools to build trust, integrity, and empathy with your clients and other important people in your life.

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This leads to real relationships, deeper connections and ultimately… a successful, high-income coaching business. These powerful titles will help you transform from the inside-out so you can start to experience more freedom, happiness and wealth right now, and become a successful coach.

He is passionate about disrupting industries and creating positive change. Ajit is a business coach himself.

When it comes to books, successful people choose education over entertainment. Remember: a coach who reads is a coach who succeeds!

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9 Must-Read Books to Become a Successful Coach

The Book of Coaching I co-wrote this book with Executive Performance Coach, international speaker, best-selling author — and my wife — Dr. Conversational Intelligence Judith E.

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Start reading these books as soon as you can.