Vaguely remembering the joys of cooking

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The Reservation in Connecticut My lover likes to cuddle burying her head in my chest sniffing the soap-scent of my shirt. She thinks for a bit, then says the woods of Connecticut where she spent her childhood in a world of tree bark and leaves.

Surrounded by men and women Native and African mix noses round and brown vaguely remembering family members dancing and singing along drum beats sleeves of their dresses are bird feathers fluttering in a whirlwind. Everyone left their ancestral homelands to find better jobs in the city.

Somehow when she told me that I just imagined an old, sad man cracks running through his face like dried up river veins living alone in tree bark and leaves.

George Orwell: Such, Such Were The Joys

Straining his ears, wishing maybe, to hear familiar voices amongst the songs of owls and pigeons. These White people convert to Islam but end up leaving anyway to drink and party a Palestinian Muslim friend told me once.

Finally Conquering Fish

Men can wear their traditional shawaal kameez without White people hollering about wearing a dress. No one makes a face at spiced chicken biriyani demanding cups of water to sooth a scorched tongue. Pale folk can only handle salt and pepper, it seems.

Once Upon a Table

I was once a Muslim too, you know, I say to my non-Muslim friends while drinking a pint at the bar. My faith is invisible to everyone.

It is henna imprinted on the back of my tongue I have to speak in order for people to see it. I have no idea why I told them this.

Please follow and like us:. The flavor is somewhat surprising. The red pepper variant definitely packs a punch, so use sparingly.

The joys of referential shorthand

The red pepper referred to here is cayenne, not the red pepper flakes you see in pizza parlors which would be gritty and unappealing. The earlier editions pres often omit cooking times, assuming the cook would know when something is done or not.

For this recipe, remember the intention is to bake the spread into the cracker, not to cook it. The type of cracker used is your preference, though try to choose one that is fairly basic to begin with — saltines, club crackers, etc.

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Just a thin layer is enough to get the flavor into the cracker. Spread the mixture on thin crackers. Heat the crackers in a moderate oven degrees until they are light brown. I love this — I love anything deviled, and there is always something new to learn about the history of devils!