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Helen Keller. Hoda Kotb.

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Lucille Ball. Princess Diana. Don't give it five minutes if you're not going to give it five years. Reese Witherspoon. Every day is not a success. Every year is not a success. You have to celebrate the good.

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Roald Dahl. Reba McEntire. To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone. Oprah Winfrey. Nothing objective changes. It is cause and effect of inspiration rolled into one. Struggling to feel inspired? Do something that resembles progress. Growth stimulates a feeling of inspiration like nothing else.

Go for a run. Go to the gym.

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Learn a new dish to cook your family. Start a journal. Heck, it might just mean doing the dishes, or mowing the lawn! At the end of last year I came out of a long term relationship. I was devastated and lost literally all motivation. Everything seemed totally pointless. I watched a YouTube video on heartbreak pretty tragic, right!? In it, this guy talked about the power of taking action and feeling a sense of progress. I decided to buy a new domain name and get started planning a new blog. I designed a logo, made it on the computer, and set about the task of establishing a new website.

There were major ups and downs. But it was a useful distraction, which led to further action, and additional positive decision-making. When was the last time you sat down by yourself, in silence? I reckon spending time alone and with no external stimulation is key to a healthy mind.

It definitely seems key to self-awareness. You get to see where your mind goes. Life is full of distractions that make it hard to do this. We need space to think. We need time and silence to be creative and come up with ideas. Okay, those are the deep and meaningful sources of inspiration behind us! You can also come across some truly inspiring people.

Used in the right way, you can discover amazing individuals and ideas that trigger positive change in your life.

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Some influencers do it right. They seem genuinely passionate about inspiring people and bettering lives. You can literally bring these individuals into your life, by virtue of the web. I listen to podcasts and watch interview-type videos of this nature on YouTube every day. Inspirational quotes are some of my favourites.

The internet is full of them. I find having a quote or two to draw upon can make a big difference when inspiration is in short supply. You find inspirational books, videos and movies everywhere you look.

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They can be truly awesome sources of inspiration and motivation. They can provide a short, sharp burst of inspiration.

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I read or watch it, and feel pumped up to make some positive change. That said, one or two of these sources have had a lasting effect on me. Click here to check it out. What can you learn from them? How can you gain from their example? I try to pinch myself and take the positives instead. Use it as fuel for the fire and see how you can emulate the success of high-achieving friends and family. Try and get out into the great outdoors every now and again.

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  5. I find natural beauty inherently inspiring. Something about these places sparks creativity and reflection. Nature also provides a reprieve from the fuss and hubbub of ordinary life. That break from the norm, and step back from stress, can be enough to help rediscover passion and motivation. Inspiration means very little if you never act upon it. My inspiration in life often snowballs.

    Feel it, act upon it, and before long you experience ever greater levels. Remember, inspiration is a powerful thing! Here are just a few of the ways you could use inspiration to your advantage by doing something with it. Take that inspiration and draw up a long list of things you have to do before you die. Where do you want to go?

    What do you want to do? Who do you want to meet? What do you want to achieve? Write them all down and commit to ticking them all off. Having a bucket list is great way of realizing your priorities and highlighting changes you must make in your life. Goals are about objectives and forming actionable steps to make them happen.

    Channel your inspiration into establish a set of goals for yourself. Treat it as a business plan for life. As yourself these questions:. They could be travel goals. They could be career goals. They could be personal goals, relationships goals, or fitness goals. Just sit down and write them all out. Goals help you turn vague, ambiguous thoughts and aspirations into concrete plans. Pace yourself instead! Take small, measured steps towards your overall aims. Inspiration can be fickle.

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    It can turn on a dime and disappear overnight. Preview — Constructing Paradise by Ryan Cole. Cindy Trimm Foreword.